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Memorialise Your Memories With Wedding Prints

While the photos of your wedding day are taken using a digital camera, and your photographer may send your photographs to you in a digital format, there is nothing like going through wedding prints to relive your magical day. Many couples underestimate the importance of putting a wedding album together, when you do this, you can choose your favourite photos to place in your album to look back on. Printed photos also save you the time of having to look through hundreds of photos on your computer to find your top wedding picks. When you decide to have your photos printed, your first choice should be Blank Canvas. We have established ourselves as one of the top printing businesses around town.

Why You Should Consider Canvas Wedding Prints

Many newlyweds want to display photos of their special day in their home, and while you may consider the typical photo in a frame, you can take this one step further by displaying your prints onto canvas. Our prints are printed onto quality canvas, and here are a few reasons why you should consider canvas wedding prints:

  • Printing your wedding photos onto one of our canvases allows you to tell the story of this magical moment in your and your spouse’s lives. You can choose to have a few photos taken from specific moments on the day and display them in the correct order as highlights of how the day played out.
  • When you print your photos on regular photo paper it allows for various sizes, but the quality isn’t as good as it is on canvases. We have numerous canvas sizes for you to choose from on which you can have your favourite photos printed.
  • Having canvas prints allows for a variety of layouts. We offer a selection of strip to collage prints. This gives you the chance to have numerous photos printed onto one canvas as a collage of your favourite memories from this momentous occasion

How to Enhance Your Home With Wedding Wall Art

Have you found that your walls are bare, and you have all your wedding photographs stored on your hard drive or flash drive? You can have these printed onto various canvas sizes and use your print wedding photos to create a wall of memories. At Blank Canvas, we have numerous printing styles for you to create a unique wall of photos. Here are a few ways you can create your wedding wall art:

  • The first step to creating a wall of memories is to choose one main photo as your centre. After you have your main focal point, use smaller canvas prints to strategically surround this main photo.
  • To make your wall unique to your special day, you can have the date and location of your wedding and a copy of your invitation printed and added to your wall; however, when you do this, ensure that the font of the location matches that of your invitation.
  • Before you have your photos printed, make sure that you choose a variety of photographs from different times of the day, you don’t want to have too many prints of just the ceremony or reception.

How to Choose the Correct Photos for Your Wedding Canvas Print

When you decide to place a wedding canvas on your wall, you need to ensure that you choose the correct photos to have printed and displayed. Here are some tips on deciding on the precise wedding canvas prints to place on your wall.

  • When you go through your photos, choose the one that depicts the most emotion. This can be the moment you say, “I do”, or your first dance.
  • Once you have narrowed down your choices, check the resolution of each photo to ensure that it won’t appear pixelated on the canvas.
  • If you still have too many photos to choose from, we can make these into a collage of photos depicting the entire day.

About Blank Canvas

At Blank Canvas, we believe that photographs tell the story of your life, and they should be displayed on the walls of your home. We pride ourselves on the quality of prints we deliver to our clients and only use high-quality products during the process. We have made the process of ordering your prints easy, and once you’ve chosen your canvas design and proofed the layout, you’ll have your canvases delivered to your door within two weeks.

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