Personalised Wall Art

What You Can Expect From Our Personalised Wall Art

At Blank Canvas, we believe adding personalised wall art to your home tells the story of who you are and shares the story of your family. Within the walls of your home, you should be able to decorate your space with the beautiful art of your family and your favourite pictures while displaying all the items you love. We take pride in delivering your canvas in peak condition, in a perfect wrap and package to ensure no damage. The final question is, what will you print?

Why Choose Our Personalised Canvas Prints From NZ

Nothing compares to walking down your hallway or into your lounge and looking at the artwork on your wall—something you cherish and get to enjoy every day. By printing your favourite photographs of family or pets on canvas, we express our love in more ways than words can. You can add a quote, a poem or even a lyric that reminds you of that moment.

  • At Blank Canvas, our highly experienced graphic designer and owner signs off on each image of your personalised canvas. We make sure the image's resolution, colour, and contrast is perfect for an excellent result when we enlarge the image.
  • When buying your personalised canvas art, you have many options. We've done all the research for you and ensure we use all the correct and highest quality canvas and inks. We use cost-effective canvas materials while remaining high quality and longevity. At Blank Canvas, we offer canvases with a perfectly textured finish.
  • We stretch our canvas by hand, meaning we handcraft your prints to ensure you receive perfection. We custom make our frames with kiln-dried timber bars from sustainable forests. At Blank Canvas, we finish all pieces with a UV matte protective laminate, making them fade-resistant, easy-to-clean, and more durable. Finally, we ship them ready to hang.

Why Invest in Personalised Framed Prints

With technology advancing rapidly, our photographs are accessible in our pockets. However, we don't necessarily look at them daily. Photos we store on a hard drive, phone or laptop sometimes stay there, and nothing happens to them. With our personalised wall art from NZ, you can physically see your favourite images daily in your home.

  • With your wall art, you can cherish your fondest memories daily and enjoy photos that make you feel the happiest and reminisce about years after. Alternatively, you can choose pictures from artists that remind you of happy moments or bring you joy. Any image you choose, we can do it. Let us save your memories beautifully and for all to see.
  • Instead of keeping your favourite pictures small, printing them on canvas blows them up to almost life-size. Adding life to your home with the beautiful faces of your family and the fine detail of your pets will add an extra touch of positive energy to your environment.
  • Your canvas will endure all kinds of weather conditions as it's incredibly durable - especially when it comes to humidity. We ensure your images won't lose their beauty with our durable canvases.
  • Personalised canvas prints make the perfect gift. By selecting somebody's favourite photos and printing them on a canvas as a gift, you're providing them with an elegant and meaningful decoration. It's a high-quality masterpiece and shows the person just how much you care about them and know them. Additionally, add a personal message that you share to make the gift even more special.

What You Should Know About Blank Canvas

At Blank Canvas, our graphic designer personally checks your artwork to ensure you get the best print; we offer high-quality prints and believe in creating the perfect artwork that tells your story. We aim to have beautiful pictures adorning every empty wall. You can get creative with our boutique custom canvases and competitive pricing while working directly with our graphic designer to ensure you get everything you need out of your artwork.

We offer a variety of options for you to choose from, including A-sized canvas prints, Instagram Grid Canvas Prints, Photo Strip Canvas Prints of up to five Photos, Wedding Day Grid, and even gift vouchers if you'd like to spoil a loved one.

Contact us today for any further information – We look forward to hearing from you!


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