Custom Canvas Prints

Style Your Home With Custom Canvas Prints

Whether you’re decorating your home or want to send a unique gift to a loved one, custom canvas prints are an ideal way to express your personality and transform walls. From sharing your special occasions and Instagram photo memories to sentimental locations or dates, we can create quality wall art prints to suit your colour, style, and size requirements. We offer an effortless online ordering process and will send you a proof to check over before we print your images on quality canvas materials.

Various Ways We Can Style Your Custom Canvas

Embrace your artistic flair and customise canvas wall art to suit your taste and decor style with our creative print options.

  • Classic canvas print: You can display your favourite photo with our high-quality ‘A’ sized canvas prints. We offer an extensive range of sizes up to A0 or let us know if you want a custom size to suit your requirements. We use genuine canon inks to ensure superior print quality and a stunning display that is sure to enhance your walls.
  • Instagram canvas grid: Rather than scrolling through your Instagram memories, view them together with our grid design canvas print. Feature your holiday snaps from around the world or your baby’s milestone moments in a vibrant display of colour or black and white print. You can select up to 35 of your favourite photos and personalise your canvas with quotes, dates, and names. Be sure to use high-resolution photos for the best results.
  • Trifecta canvas print: Get creative with our trifecta canvas prints. We can turn three photos into an artistic wall display for the perfect gift or to proudly hang in your home. We use our graphic design knowledge and experience to design high-quality and aesthetically pleasing custom canvas prints. If you’re having difficulty deciding which three images to use, opt for our modern take on a photo booth and send us five pictures to print as a canvas strip. We pride ourselves on quality products and maintain proportions for a stunning and balanced canvas print.

Tips for Hanging Your Custom Printed Canvas

Make your wall art the pride of your home with our tips for hanging a canvas.

  • Have the correct tools on hand: Having the ideal tools within easy reach can make it easier to hang your canvas print. For larger images, you want to use a stud finder so you can secure your canvas to wood rather than relying on the strength of your wall material. A tape measure, spirit level, pencil, and appropriate hooks will allow you to hang your canvas precisely on the first attempt.
  • Decide on an arrangement: Once you find the studs in your wall, you can use it as a guideline to hang one or several canvas frames. Position your canvases in a row or use your creativity to arrange your prints in a gallery style. Be sure to use your tape measure and pencil to mark out perfect spacing before you start adding hooks to your wall.
  • Hang your largest print first: The best way to arrange your images is to start by hanging your largest print first. Next, position your smaller canvas prints around your larger one. If you’re unsure how it will look, you can lay out your canvases on the floor to check the arrangement before hanging them on the wall.

Why Our Custom Canvas Prints in NZ Make a Perfect Gift

With our extensive range of print designs, you can give a thoughtful, unique, and personal gift for any occasion.

  • Canvas prints look aesthetically pleasing: Canvas prints are versatile and aesthetically pleasing. You can customise the print design to suit your recipient’s taste or interior decor style. You can readily tailor the print size and colour to your liking, such as a black and white finish or stylise it with a border.
  • They are long-lasting: You can enjoy knowing that your printed canvas can grace the walls of a loved one’s home for years to come without fading. We create high-quality wall prints using premium materials and finish each canvas with a UV matte protective laminate for durability. The protective layer also makes our canvas prints easy to clean.
  • It’s suitable for any occasion: From celebrating wedding anniversaries and birthdays to gifting a unique Christmas present, and more, canvas prints are an ideal gift for any occasion. You can give a family photo to grandparents or surprise your spouse with images from your baby’s first year. You can further personalise a canvas with quotes, names, dates and more to make your gift more meaningful.

Create Your Own Wall Art With Blank Canvas

We create premium custom canvas wall prints using our graphic design knowledge and quality materials. You can effortlessly order a custom canvas to suit your requirements with our easy five-step process, which includes a proof for you to check before printing your image. We offer free delivery in New Zealand and carefully wrap each canvas to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Contact us for canvas tips and advice or order quality prints online.


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