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Decorating your home is a necessary act of self-expression and filling it with photographs of your fondest memories is a simple way to keep them close to your heart. Blank Canvas supplies custom canvas prints in NZ that give the meaningful moments you capture more space to shine. Printing your photos on canvas is a fun way to personalise your space and showcase the happy memories it holds.

Four Ways to Decorate Your Home With Canvas Prints

Transforming a photo to a canvas print gives you the opportunity to create original wall art that suits your space perfectly. Sometimes it's challenging to find the best placement for your prints that brings out the best in the room, especially if you are new to the decorating world. Here are four ideas for hanging canvas in your home to help you get started.

  • Create a gallery wall. A classic gallery wall is an iconic way to show off your photographs in style. Creating an interesting layout starts with some simple planning - choose the wall you want to decorate and experiment with paper cut-outs to get a feel for the placement. Using photos that feature a common theme or colour helps to create harmony in your gallery wall, helping it read as a unified piece of wall art.
  • Personalise your shelving. Photographic art is not restricted to walls! Print a photo on canvas and incorporate it into a shelving display to add visual interest to the shelf. Photographs of your loved ones make the ideal addition to a shelf displaying precious trinkets and holiday souvenirs. Try to stick to the rule of thirds when arranging your display - group decor items in threes, varying their heights and textures.
  • Use them as a focal point. Use large canvas prints to draw your guests' attention and add presence to unbroken wall colour in large rooms or passages. If you have the wall space for multiple large-format prints, choose photographs from the same photoshoot or ones that share a similar theme to make the images work together. You can also consider cropping your photo into halves or thirds to display together as a diptych or triptych.
  • Let them lean. Leaning a printed canvas is a trendy way of adding art to your home without damaging your walls. A leaned canvas offers you the flexibility to change your mind often - switch out old photos for new ones easily to keep your decor fresh and exciting. Large prints work well against an unused fireplace or on a kitchen counter. Smaller prints lean well on a mantelpiece or windowsill.

How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print

Once you've identified which wall you want to bring to life with your photos, it's time to choose the best ones for printing. Choosing which photo to hang on your wall is challenging when you have so many special memories you want to share! Your wall art will look more polished and professional if you choose a high-quality photograph that fits the size of the canvas properly, so here are four things to consider before turning your photographic prints into canvas form.

  • Composition. To help you select the ideal picture for the room, consider its artistic composition - what story is the photo telling, and how is it laid out? A landscape orientation often works well for a long passage, while a full-body portrait looks balanced on a tall, narrow wall. Choose an image that captures a memory with a clear focal point. Try editing your photos first to bring out the colours you want to highlight in your home!
  • Image resolution. The resolution of a photograph refers to how many pixels of colour it contains in relation to its size, expressed as pixels per inch (ppi). A higher resolution means a higher quality image that shows more detail when stretched over canvas pictures. Low pixel counts (under 150 ppi) usually look better on small canvases or as part of a collage or photo grid. For extra-large prints, choose 300 ppi and above for the best results!
  • Aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of a photo tells you about its shape - is it landscape or portrait, square, narrow, or wide-angle? You can find the aspect ratio of an image under its properties on your phone or computer. Understanding the aspect ratio will help you choose the canvas best suited to your image's size to reduce unwanted cropping. If your photo doesn't fit the canvas, you can always include a blank border around the image to keep it intact.
  • Borders and wrapping. Canvases are three-dimensional objects with edges that you must consider when printing on them. There are many ways to set up the edges of your canvas for photos - you can wrap the image around the canvas, create a coloured border, or leave the sides blank. Our in-house graphic designer can help edit your photo to make sure you get the results you want without cropping or stretching the image!

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